img_handwriting_session_info_resizeThe techniques and methods we use at Proformance Hypnosis are very targeted, and therefore this is not a long term commitment. Most people only need about 2 to 4 visits for a specific general issue. We recommend you plan on at least 3 visits, particularly if you have not been hypnotized in the past.

The initial hypnosis visit is approximately 2 hours. During the initial visit, we learn as much as possible about the changes you want to make in your life. We’ll explore what’s been holding you back, and what you would like to accomplish while working with us. Subsequent visits last about 1 hour and typically scheduled 1 week to 10 days apart.

Hypnotism is an extremely effective technique in working through a wide range of issues, emotions, and circumstances. And as often discovered during a session, clients become aware of the root cause of a situation they weren’t even sure was related, but had a significant subconscious impact. Some people like the process so much they choose to continue and work on other things, or simply use regular hypnosis sessions as an ongoing health and wellness program.

Each time that you have an hypnosis session, you can reach deeper and deeper levels of awareness. When we are done, you will feel calm, relaxed, refreshed, and ready to bring your full attention to the rest of your day.

Note: The number of visits required is dependent upon the individual, the program selected and their ability to follow instructions, their readiness and commitment for change. 

girl_anxiousMost people are a little anxious when booking their first visit. Typically they wonder how it might feel to be hypnotized, what they might experience during hypnosis, or even fearful of what they might uncover in the session. By way of transparency, here is a step-by-step explanation of the process.

1. The Pre-Talk

Soon after your arrival to our office, you will be invited to take a seat and complete some paperwork. During the first thirty minutes or so, we settle in and talk about the issues you are wanting to resolve, your questions, and together we plan your desired outcomes. You can be assured that all of our conversations, and associated paperwork is completely confidential

Next, we talk about hypnotism and any fears or misconceptions you may have. Remember that Hypnosis is a natural state of relaxation. You will be aware of everything around you, every sound you hear, you can even speak while you are hypnotized, and you can remember everything. Hypnosis will only take place once you and I are satisfied that you are entirely comfortable about the process.

2. The Hypnotic State

Next, I will ask you to sit in a comfortable reclined chair to remove any pressure points from the body that may inhibit total relaxation. I will begin talking with you and guide you into a self-hypnotic state rapidly and effectively, followed by a deepening process to ensure that you achieve 'somnambulism', the deepest hypnotic state where you can still think, feel, and speak clearly throughout the session.

In this state, the conscious mind (your critical factor) is temporarily placed in the background in order for us to more easily access the subconscious mind where all the information from this life (unwanted behaviors/habits, learned beliefs) is stored. During this time, your body will feel curiously heavy and your mind will remain crystal clear. You can cough, shift around, even ask for water if you need, or you may not wish to do any of these things and just embrace the wonderful, peaceful level of relaxation you are experiencing. Your focus however will be on whatever you are seeing, feeling or sensing as we begin to work on removing your unwanted behaviors and replace them with the new positive behaviors you have asked for.

3. Emergence from Hypnosis & Post Talk

As I gently emerge you from hypnosis, you will be wide awake, eyes open and may need a few minutes to re-orientate yourself, similar as you would after a very restful afternoon nap. Next, we will spend a little time talking about your experience, both from your viewpoint and mine, allowing you to begin to integrate all of the information. We will review any instructions for post session follow-up and schedule additional sessions where applicable.


Post session reactions - What happens in the following days and weeks can vary a lot depending on the issues being resolved. I will always contact you two days after your session as a follow-up to see how you are doing. Some people feel more peaceful, some feel quite euphoric, and some can feel 'down' and even a little sad. I would like to point out that whatever you may feel it is OK and absolutely right for you. This is a result of removing years worth of long-suppressed feelings and issues. This is a positive result and the body is processing all of the information so healing can occur. Whatever you experience will be temporary, and the desired results of your session will begin to show. The desired results may come more slowly for some, or more therapy sessions may be required to further the process. Like an onion, there may be many layers of unwanted behaviors and learned beliefs that we may need to work through. I am always more than happy to continue to talk with you, either by email or by phone, following your session. Very often, talking with me and owning your feelings can help you continue working through your personal process long after you leave me.

 Just as a surgeon can mend a broken bone, it takes additional physical therapy to continue with the healing process. The subsequent visits help to assist with the healing process.



img_well_done1. Positive Self Talk – Many of us are our own harshest critics. Some of the things we say to ourselves are interpreted, digested, and then experienced. Remember that the subconscious learns by repetition and feedback, so if you constantly bombard yourself with negative self talk, you will create that person. On the other hand if you modify your internal language and focus on the positive, you will see awesome transformations.

Self Hypnosis – You will need to take a few minutes out of the day and practice Self Hypnosis explained to you during your session.

3. Believe and Want Change – Hypnotism is extremely successful when you believe the changes desired will work, and decide that you want change. Of course nothing is easy, and Hypnotism is no different. You may still have cravings, or experience fear, although less intense, or feel pulled back to your previous self, but remember, you always have a choice, and the choice you makes teaches and re-enforces the subconscious mind. So take a step toward the new you and make that positive choice.