img_right_for_you_resizeA Serious Question Is - "Can you afford to continue with your present situation plagued with problems and the answers that lead to a better life never being realized?" If you are truly committed to changing the limiting patterns and habits standing in the way of your success and you are ready to actively participate in the process, then hypnosis is an excellent choice to help you make the necessary life changes to achieve your goals.

If, however, you are looking for someone to wave their magic wand and “fix” you, you are not sure you want to change or you are not truly committed to making changes, then hypnosis is not the answer for you. Hypnosis is life changing, but it is not magic.

People who are stuck in a habitual rut often say "I want to stop ______, but I don't know how."

  • Do you feel stressed or anxious?
  • Have you lost your confidence or direction in life?
  • Is your negative thinking or self-doubt stopping you?
  • Do you feel you’re just going through the motions?
  • Do you want to take control & live life the way you want it?

Imagine someone punching themselves in the head over an over again, complaining about the awful headache they feel as a result, and they say: "I want to stop punching myself in the head, but I don't know how".

Of course, the obvious answer is: "Just stop punching yourself in the head." That simple suggestion might work for many cases... as if it causes a light-bulb to turn on in the subconscious mind --- "Oh yeah, I don't have to do that anymore." There is sudden realization that a lot of time and energy was wasted on thinking that it was more complicated than that. Problem solved.

In a normal, unhypnotized state of mind, if someone hears a friend suggesting "Just stop doing that" or "Just relax, calm down and breathe", their mind tends to block and reject that kind of simple and obvious advice: "I already know that. But I can't, because [insert endless supply of excuses and rationalizations here]."

But when people are in a hypnotic state, their mind is more responsive and capable of applying knowledge in a process of active learning. This is why hypnotic change can happen very efficiently --- it operates on the level of learned experience, it's not about listening to someone give you advice (i.e. "Did you know smoking is bad for you?" or "You deserve to be happy and healthy!").

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