Booking Your Past Life Party

Make your next party a memorable celebration of all your lives. Sharing good times with family and friends while having a Past Life Party is not only fun, it’s educational, rewarding and often, healing.

Past Life Exploration Parties are an ideal girlie night.  Fun and exciting, what better way to spend your evening, than delving into your past life.

Who were you before?
Why do certain people and places feel familiar?
Do you have a soul mate?

The Party!

    • Introduction to Past Life Exploration
    • 2 hours of Past Life Exploration – Group Hypnosis in the comfort of your home
    • Recording, discussing and sharing your experiences

The Business Part

    • Parties require a minimum of 3 people
    • Participants must be 18yrs and over
    • A $50 non-refundable deposit is required to secure the booking
    • All payments should be made at the start of the evening by cash
    • Please do not wear perfume, burn incense or scented candles/oils as they may disturb or distract the group
    • Wear comfortable loose clothing
    • Alcoholic drinks should not be consumed before or during the session
    • Pets should be removed from the room and home during the session if likely to make a noise
    • You may want to bring a pillow and blanket - check with your party host where you will sit

Terms and Conditions

Past Life Exploration Parties is run by Proformance Hypnosis who works to a high standard of care and practice and works within the Hypnotherapy Associations strict code of ethics, with regards to practice & confidentiality and strongly advocate that NO medical advice is offered whatsoever.

Hypnosis is such that at no time can or will Proformance Hypnosis guarantee success of your Past Life Exploration. Though Proformance Hypnosis does give forms of encouragement, this is not to be interpreted as a guarantee for success.  The responsibility for a successful outcome remains that entirely of the client.

The client must be aware they are responsible for their own well being during and in between sessions of hypnotherapy and must seek medical advice should they have any concerns about their own health or well being. The client also has a responsibility to inform Proformance Hypnosis of any stress, upsets, anxiety or traumatic event or events prior to the commencement of the hypnotherapy process, no matter how long ago or recent, details of which shall remain confidential.  Proformance Hypnosis must be made aware of their existence in order to help allay the associated stress and/or anxiety without having to divulge specific details.

Proformance Hypnosis cannot and will not be held liable or responsible for any unsuccessful outcomes caused by the client not following instructions, not undertaking the recommended number of regular sessions, not using any CD recordings if issued, etc. This remains solely the responsibility of the client.

It is essential that a bond of trust be maintained between Proformance Hypnosis and the client at all times. It is, therefore, the responsibility of the client to inform Proformance Hypnosis of any concerns.  The Client fully understands that hypnotherapy and past life regression work is not a 'quick fix', 'instant cure' or an 'independent healing force' and must not be classed as such. Hypnotherapy is only available to clients on the basis they understand it may only assist the client's own willpower.