Discover The Easy Way to Eliminate Unwanted Habits

img_woman_out_of_order_resizeHow long are you going to let that unwanted habit control your life? You tell yourself that you want to change, hoping that your new years resolutions will stick, and yet find yourself reverting back to the same old unproductive behaviors? Whether it’s biting your nails, procrastinating, or reaching for a third helping of chocolate cake, we all have at least a few bad habits we’d like to eliminate from our lives.

Why is it that we get stuck in these negative patterns, especially when we know better? It’s like our brain is out of order.

Good News: It’s not you, it’s just your unconscious mind.

As human beings we are by nature creatures of habit. From a very early age we learn behaviors that serve our needs and then we repeat those behaviors whenever the needs arise, developing habits. The subconscious mind, where habits form and reside, accepts the known and fears the unknown. Habits are maintained because they are familiar ways of behaving with expected consequences that serve needs.

Habits are simply patterns of behaviour that a person has learned and which are difficult to break. Of course, not all habits are bad or unwanted. Habits such as brushing your teeth or looking in the rear view mirror when you're about to drive off, for example, are examples of useful and positive habits that serve us well.

Similarly, bad habits develop to serve legitimate needs; however, they also have negative consequences that are detrimental to health, emotional well-being, self-image, relationships, career, etc. It is in virtue of these negative consequences that such habits are deemed "bad".

Whatever form of negative habit you have developed, it began for a reason: nail biting, skin picking, hair pulling,teeth grinding, smoking, all began because some part of you believed that it was in your best interests to engage in this behaviour. It may have served as a distraction from difficult feelings, or it might have served some other purpose, but the original intent of the behaviour was undoubtedly positive in nature. Now it has outlived its purpose; something that is no longer useful or necessary, but still persists.

Most people make the mistake of trying to break a habit directly without understanding its root cause, as a result they fail to break the habit. If you don’t know what the underlying problem is, how can you fix it? Your rational mind wants to stop, but the rest of you – that deeper part of you – doesn’t want to cooperate.

By using hypnosis you can release and eliminate the unwanted habits, patterns and behaviors stored within your subconscious mind and replace them with more desirable and beneficial behaviors. Through the use of hypnosis you can be free of your bad habits easily, effortlessly and forever!