You are probably here because you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed or held back due to a personal challenge you are struggling to overcome. We all experience challenges and setbacks and we all want more ease and happiness in our lives. It’s natural and within your grasp to get more out of life, to live without fear and to know that relief from pain is possible.

At Proformance Hypnosis our core focus is to help you uncover your true potential and guide you toward leading the life that you want. We help you to change unwanted behaviors, build positive habits, eliminate or improve physical and emotional ailments.

If you're looking for a better way to reach your health and wellness goals, our powerful advanced hypnosis programs are your solution because they help you take control and change your life - once and for all.

  • Easy results - all you have to do is listen
  • Permanent change that lasts a lifetime

What makes us unique is our client centered approach to your care. We use powerful, fast and long lasting techniques designed specifically around you to eliminate the root cause of your presenting problem. Your symptoms will disappear and you’ll be left with amazing mental clarity and incredible focus that will last a lifetime.

Hypnotism is an extremely effective technique that can help you overcome many issues and it can also help you improve a multitude of areas in your life. Hypnotism allows you to easily accomplish things you desire and has little to do with the entertainment stereotypes of a pocket watch, mind control or a chant of "you are getting sleepy".

Give us a call - Because now is the time for you to get started!

Hypnosis Is Perfectly Natural, 100% Safe And Is Highly Effective
You will FEEL more in control of your problems... You will FEEL more confident in overcoming your issues... And you will SEE your quality of life going up and up


How can Hypnotism help? The use of hypnotism is starting to be recognized as mainstream within the medical field as a complementary, wellness modality that uses the mind's natural ability to create a positive attitude that supports life, joy, goals and health care. It reduces stress and relaxes the nervous system. Hypnosis is fun and easy to learn.

  • Eliminate Apprehensions and Fears

  • Clear Emotional Blocks

  • Regain Self-Control

  • Reframe Limiting Beliefs

  • Improve Sports Performance

  • Self Esteem


  • Smoking Cessation

  • Unwanted Habits

  • Improve Learning and Memory

  • Weight Management

  • Regressions to the Past


  • Pain Management

  • Emotional Release

  • Healing Sadness

  • Grief and Loss

  •  Managing Stress